Human Dynamics – An Introductory Course

Learn how to effectively communicate and relate with others, develop greater understanding in all aspects of your life!

In this introductory course, you will be guided on a journey of discovery that will provide you with transformational new knowledge about the inner functioning of people that will be of great practical benefit to you in all aspects of your personal and working life.

You will learn about inner distinctions in the ways in which people everywhere, regardless of age, race, culture, or gender are naturally “designed” to experience the world; think, plan and learn; feel emotions; communicate and relate with others; and go about engaging in activities and projects. Because these are differences in inner processes, they are generally unknown, and therefore often lead to a great deal of misunderstanding and friction among people, whether in their personal lives or in the workplace. Lack of awareness and understanding of these differences also frequently leads to an inability to successfully collaborate with others. When they are recognized and understood however, the way is open for more successful teaching, parenting, relationship building, teamwork and leadership.

This course uses narrated slides, films and engaging exercises to teach you the fundamental principles of Human Dynamics®. It also includes films, both vintage/research films and contemporary ones that demonstrate how Human Dynamics Training has produced extraordinary results (both in the United States and Internationally) in the fields of organizational development, healthcare, and education – in schools at every level from kindergarten to high school, including programs for the personal development of youth and at-risk youth.

Your Instructor

Dr. Eve Seagal
Dr. Eve Seagal

Dr. Eve Seagal has a background in clinical psychology, as well as extensive training and experience in the specialized field of Human Dynamics.

Dr. Seagal has contributed to program development at Human Dynamics International since 2014. In this time she has overseen, and engaged in, the updating and redesign of the existing Human Dynamics Programs for personal and organizational development, and for training teachers. She has also personally created, and successfully conducted, in the context of a Los Angeles continuation high school, unique Human Dynamics based programs for the self-understanding and personal development of youth and at-risk youth.

Dr. Seagal is a highly sought after presenter and facilitator of all of these programs. She also leads a Human Dynamics team in training and licensing other professionals to conduct Human Dynamics programs.

Most recently, Dr. Seagal has been deeply involved in co-producing Human Dynamics online courses, including those for leadership development, teacher training, and parenting, as well as for the self-understanding and development of youth and at-risk youth.

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